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Gepubliceerd op: 14-09-2022

Brief van Carl - Internationale cirkel

Brief van Carl

My Dear Friends, My Relatives, My Companions upon The Path, from my heart to yours,

I have been deeply missing you these past years now. It is so very strange to write that: " years now," because I know and hold onto the deep abiding truth, that each one of you literally dwells within me and I in you - that we are actually connected in the embrace of our love, in the Living Ceremony, of our joined Spirits dancing and singing together in the emanations of our unified prayers.   

I thank each one of you for your kindness to me through the years.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate the mirror of your eyes. You reflect the best in myself to me. This dynamic process empowers and compels me to strive - and usually struggle - to live up to those qualities and expectations. Also, I want to express my gratitude for your support, in so many ways, of my ongoing efforts to simply be a good human being. So, thanks, thanks a million. I also would ask you to forgive my failure to write or return cards and letters and emails and messages. Your thoughtful communications have meant the world to me. Thank you.  

The Spring rains have come and the wind carries the scent of thawing earth. The ice upon the lakes is breaking up. The deep cold of Winter gives way and now the trees awaken. Sap is rising and soon the air will be redolent with maple sweetness. I want to rejoice and welcome the burgeoning excitement of the world renewed but, at the moment, it is ever so difficult. Yet, I will, I will rejoice. But now ..... an arctic cold sweeps across the steppes - bone chilling to the marrow - where millions of Ukrainian refugees flee and oh, the children, the children and the elders - Grandma, Grandpa - fleeing before the barbaric onslaught of merciless aggression. Once again, my soul is shattered and I don't know what to do. Bereft is the word. We are all of us bereft again and again and again. I cannot pull my awareness away, for long, from this particular travesty. I must bear witness. This one feels very different to me. This particular carnage radiates catastrophic global danger.  What to do when sociopaths pull us into their own madness?

I was eleven years old in 1956. I have a keen memory of when a nascent democracy manifested in Hungary only to be snuffed out by malignant armies of another evil manifestation of an endless succession of dictators. I remember listening to the radio and weeping as Russian tanks rolled down the streets of Budapest. My memory of outrage and horror seared itself in my consciousness, as I listened to freedom seeking people pleading for help that never came. 

As I sit here, composing this letter, my thoughts summon the memory of building a sweat lodge for an Inipi Ceremony in Hungary, near the border line of the Ukraine. I was filled with wonder.  The moon glowed in the starlit night, flocks of cranes called, as they circled and landed, settling in for the evening. Ah, surely, they were listening to the thrumming heartbeat of our drum, as we sang our prayers for Healing Grace and Renewal for All Beings. May the Sacred Hoop be mended and restored. 

When we consciously stand in the Center of the Directions, we are all there together; in fact, we never were separated from one another. Here we are bound together in the Great Mystery's Love. Here we open a doorway from our collective hearts. We summon from within The Living Light. United, with one voice with one heart, Love moves forth, banishing fear and blessing Creation. 

With Gratitude and Respect, 
Abiding Peace,

Internationale cirkel zondag 20 maart

Op zondag 20 maart zal er een international cirkel zijn met Carl.
Programma: Liederen, gebeden en ceremonie

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Aanvang 16.00 uur.

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