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Brief van Carl juni

Gepubliceerd op: 04-07-2020

De originele brief van Carl Big Heart. Vertaling volgt binnenkort.

My Dearest Friends and Companions on The Path,
Oh, blessed be. We send our voices. We send our voices of hope and trust into the Mystery that holds The Center of our Being in the midst of the Sacred Directions and issues forth from within and surrounds us without, with all that is in the skein of infinite Creation. It is the Unnamable Mysteriousness which knocks upon the door of our hearts, seeking welcome entrance to warm Itself from the flames of love and gratitude glowing in the hearth within our hearts. 
Clearly, we are in monumental times. Surely, each of us is asking, “Where is this going? What are the possibilities? What is Actually happening?” Fears and anxieties multiply and subside. One can hardly imagine how this is for the marginal and impoverished, the children and young people, and the elderly. Like the inexorable tides reaching for the shore, hope waxes forth only to recede. The days come and go. Some are hard and more challenging; others are easier and buoyant with hope. Sometimes, we are washed in tides of love, waves of love lapping the shore where we stand gazing, searching the far horizon, the rim of the world, wondering what incomprehensible opportunities await to be revealed. So many questions. Are we at the middle of these upheavals, perhaps rounding the corner at the end, or are we just at the beginning?  But one salient and undeniable aspect of this process, which we all are inextricably engaged with together, is that no human artifice, nor the power and might of armies nor the accumulation of extravagant wealth will dominate or obviate the Universal Mandates of Creation.  
So here we are: We gather for this Solstice and New Moon Ceremony at this auspicious time; perhaps, the most significant solstice for ceremony, for me, until now. I rejoice that many of us will be able to gather together to hold Ceremonial Space, as a unified Vessel, with One Heart, and with One Mind. As has been written: "If your eye be single, your body shall be full of Light, and where there is Light there is no darkness at all. “ 
With a Thankful Heart that, somehow, I found each of you in this lifetime,
With Love and Abiding Peace,

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