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Brief van Carl april 2023

Gepubliceerd op: 17-05-2023

My Dear Precious Friends, Family, Companions upon the Path,

Looking out my window, as I sit at my desk struggling to write this letter, the snow is swirling down, the blizzard wind howls, and the coming Spring seems but a dream. I'm exhausted with the cold and long for the warmth of the radiating Sun.  

For me it has been an exhausting and challenging season and just beneath the surface of simple conversation, I find, with few exceptions, this has been true for everyone. None of us has been unscathed this long, long Winter's "Going Within

Yet, in the midst of our daily struggles, I am astonished with the magnitude of courage that I continually witness. I behold Us, with a unified heart, holding the Center, surrounded within the Directions, steadfast, transforming fear and manifesting Love. I'm so thankful that each of you is in my life. I can't express how true this actually is.

You help me reaffirm my Hope. Thank you for your deep Inner Work. Inevitably, the Light is increasing each day and infusing the Earth with its life-giving power. Rejoice.

I've been quite reclusive throughout this season, and I recognize if I spend too much time in isolation, it can become a habit and I drift away. Words become hard to find. I'm thinking how much we all need each other; how important we are in each other's
lives; how we share our joined commitment to the "Purposes of Love". I look forward to beholding one another in the mirror of our eyes.   
With Love and Gratitude, Abiding Peace,

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