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As the Earth wakes up from her winter slumbers, we are pleased to welcome Carl Big Heart back to Ireland.
Carl will be pouring water for our Sweat Lodge, an ancient ceremony of prayer and purification into which we are invited to crawl and experience rebirth and renewal. The Sweat Lodge is an ancient ceremony of prayer and purification.

In the morning of the Lodge day, we gather at 10am to start the ceremony by laying stones on the altar, building and lighting the ceremonial fire. After that, there will be a talk about the Lodge and time to answer questions and make prayer ties. We crawl into the Lodge around 1pm, when the stones are ready.

Stones on the altar

Ceremonial Moon Lodge Information
The Ceremonial Moon Lodge is a sacred space in which Women on their Moon Time are honoured and encouraged to pray for the community that has come together in order to heal and to celebrate life.

In Native American Wisdom it is said that a woman does not need to crawl into a sweat lodge, especially during her Moon Flow, because she is the Walking Lodge, the Oldest and most Holy ceremony on the planet. It is a Woman’s time of Vision when she is in Harmony with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon and is a conduit of Spiritual Power.

Carl Big Heart’s sister Nanatasis has been coming to Europe to bring the Women’s Teachings and the Moon Lodge to Ireland, Holland and France. Since she crossed over, her daughter Tatjana started a new cycle of Women's Teachings. 

Moon lodge